Check out until 12:00

Check in from 15h00

The hotel does not accept pets

As a place of rest, the hotel does not accept children under 10 years

PARKING: The hotel has private parking at no cost to customers and guests.

Breakfast is included in the rate for all occupants of the reserved rooms.

Prices of our hosting service, are included the value of VAT of 19% and the value of the hotel insurance. These prices are expressed exclusively in Colombian pesos (COP).


SERVICES INCLUDING THE RATE: Accommodation, breakfast, free internet access, free, parking, use of the wetland (steam, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, cervical jets), safety deposit box in the room, trail through the woods, arbors for couples, enclosure of silence .
Free shuttle: The hotel offers free private shuttle service from airport or hotel shuttle round trip, inform us the name of the airline flight number, date and time of arrival, to be welcomed.


SERVICES NOT INCLUDED RATE: Laundry, consumption Mini Bar, national and international telephone calls, Other services not specified in the rate.



Daily activities of the Colina Hotel Spa governed under the framework of sustainable tourism, aiming to follow the guidelines of environmental practices that minimize negative impacts generated.



HOTEL SPA LA COLINA: He is aware of the environment that has and how important the environment in customer satisfaction, as a tourist destination that seeks to be a peaceful resting place for body and mind; That is why establishes its commitment to sustainability through awareness campaigns with its employees, suppliers and customers and in turn developing practices that minimize the negative impacts generated by the provision of services; respecting environmental, social, cultural and economic aspects.


ENVIRONMENTAL: Committed to the care of our natural environment, we protect and care for the forest, we favor the stay of birds, butterflies and endemic species, interact with nature and seek alternatives to preserve this natural refuge; Likewise gradually technological renovation work in future be reflected in the reduction in rates of energy consumption, water and the progressive reduction of solid waste generated within the facility.


SOCIAL: We issued a total rejection of child sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, any method of child exploitation and various forms of discrimination and work collectively with the competent authorities to prevent these events and report any case that arises. We create fair and favorable working conditions for our human talent and promote the rights and duties of employees, customers and suppliers.


CULTURAL: We contribute to the recognition and preservation of cultural sites, the recognition of the customs and prevention of illegal trade in cultural goods.
Economic: we generate employment fair, open spaces and work opportunities giving priority to the recruitment of the region, also promote the marketing and use of local tourism products and handicrafts made by inhabitants of the region under fair trade conditions.



1. Identify environmental issues associated with the operation, seeking to reduce negative impacts on the environment and making efficient use of natural resources.


2. Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable culture within and outside the Hotel and generate dissemination and protection of cultural heritage


3. Propose actions aimed at socio economic benefits to the surrounding community


4. Tend respect and fulfillment of the duties and rights of customers, guests and employees


5. Cooperate with the authorities in security processes to be brought forward at the local level



In order to counter exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism involving children and adolescents; Hotel Spa La Colina in compliance with Law 679 of 2001, Law 1336 of 2009 and Resolution 3840 of 2009, presents the following code of conduct:


1. Refrain from offering programs in tourism promotion and tourism plans, express or secretly plans sexual exploitation of children.

2. Adopt measures to prevent dependent employees or intermediaries, offering tourist services that include sexual contact with minors.

3. Protect children from all forms of foreign exploitation and sexual violence caused by domestic and foreign tourists or age or national.

4. Incorporate in our tourism advertising, information on the legal consequences of exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism involving children and adolescents.

5. Refrain from giving information to tourists, either directly or through their employees about places where you coordinate or where sexual services with minors.

6. Refrain from driving tourists to establishments or places where prostitution of minors is practiced.

7. Refrain from driving to minors, directly or through employees, to places where tourists are staying, even if it is located offshore locations, for prostitution of minors.

8. Refrain from lease or use vehicles tourist routes for prostitution or bars, similar businesses and other tourist establishments for prostitution or sexual abuse of minors.

9. Reject reject child labor and discrimination of race or gender.

10. Report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Attorney General's Office, ICBF and other relevant agencies, the facts relating to the sexual exploitation of minors.

11. This Code of Conduct will be posted in a conspicuous place.

12. constantly we will train hotel employees about laws and regulations that protect children against sexual exploitation.

13. Inform our suppliers to our hotel rejects all forms of exploitation of children.




In order to guarantee the reservation, payment of 100% of the value of the first night's stay or 50% of plan selected by the host or entity concerned and the balance of the reserve will be necessary shall be paid at the hotel when making the check-in.

It requires a credit card to guarantee the reservation.

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Check Out: 1:00 p.m.



American Express, MasterCard, Visa y JCB Internacional.

Cancellation policies accommodation or plan: For safety cancel your reservation via e-mail, up to 10 days before the initial date agreed without charge, it will be refunded 100% of the deposit by the same route used by the client to perform payment.

All bank charges can generate cancellation will be paid by the guest.

Any change or modification of your booking is subject to availability.

If you decide to cancel after these 10 days the price charged for the first night of your room or 50% of total nights of your stay will be made at regular price.

If your stay is for more than 4 days or more than 3 rooms booked, cancellation can be made free of charge only 15 days before the date, instead of 10 (for both direct clients and agencies or promoters).

In case of early departure the total reservation will be charged.


No Shows:

In case of no show or no show at the hotel on arrival established in the reservation or not properly report a total cancellation of your reservation, the penalty of 100% of your stay will be taken by way of penalty. No refund will be made if you have card data to support the collection will take place.



If you have a reservation duly confirmed by the hotel and the date of admission do not have any spare room because of an error or failure in our system of reserves; we will arrange to get accommodation in a nearby hotel of similar characteristics and prices and we will arrange extra travel expenses that will occur this problem.



If you bring money or valuables, please use the security box in each room, if you have any questions about their handling or use ask for help at reception or use the security services provided at the reception. The hotel is not responsible for any loss or theft of valuables at the hotel if I do not use this service.