Protected Natural Forest

The region of the coffee area where the hotel and spa Hill is located, were unspoilt forests and mountains, with great diversity of flora and fauna such as black bears, ocelots, deer, mountain lions, wild dogs, chuchas, bears anthills, guatines, rabbits, armadillos, borugas, snakes, amphibians, monkeys, sloths, etc. As great diversity of birds, butterflies and small animals.
In the late eighteenth century the Antiochian colonization by families came in search of fertile land and legislation guaranteeing them the land, colonized Quindio, Caldas, Risaralda, north of Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Choco, and Cauca, who joined the country's economy thousands of hectares of land, giving birth to the smallholdings, and the coffee economy, for which we recognized worldwide. In this historical process over the years, sadly, have plundered forests, many species of flora and fauna species have disappeared and others are endangered.

That's why since we acquired the lands of the farm where they built the Hotel La Colina, decided to return to nature thing, for which we decided to make our 4-hectare native forest to protect species of wild fauna and flora even superviven, and repopulate the area birds and butterflies.
Today, 23 years later, nature in its wisdom returns a magical forest and repopulated, Hospedero of armadillos, squirrels, rabbits, Chuchas, guatines, bush dogs, frogs, 128 species of birds, 17 species of butterflies, and a variety minor species such as snails, crickets, ladybugs diversity of colors, a hundred feet, measured quarters, etc. Flora native cedar, walnut, nacedero, bankruptcy barrigos, bromeliads, orchids, mosses, encenillos, heliconias, Araucaria, pines seven hides among others and two new births of pure water with which the hotel caters forest, we care jealously.
To make this project self-sustainable, we created the spa hotel hill where we offer services: accommodation, restaurant, spa therapies and relaxation, walk through the forest to the top where a landscape of 360 degrees on the cultural landscape coffee is obtained , bird watching, and a quiet place where we hope to share what nature gives us to enjoy our senses.

Gardens, ornamental plants, orchids, plants colorful and showy flowering trees, protected areas, our Forest in recovery, Guadual, plantations food and organic garden and nursery, shelter and sustain an immense variety of bird species in the richest country in the world in birds, calculated according to observations made, a few hundred twenty readily observable species, many of which nest here and supplement their needs for food and shelter; along with a wide range of insect families among which the Lepidoptera or butterflies bathe color and harmony multicolored landscape of Hotel La Colina.
These are strategies perpetuation of the creative and healing wonder of nature and have in our hotel, in the inner courtyard of the house, in their pots, in their planters, surrounding areas and the forest around us; Interacting with this unique and challenging nature can be achieved only with coming here and sharing this piece of paradise with us.

Social Responsibility


The majority of our employees are from around the region and have been form in hotel management as a support from the hotel by generating employment and improving our community life style.

Environmental Responsibility


Our Hotel uses solar water heaters, having as a future project, changing to this solar system our power supplies, pool and Jacuzzi heaters. We use rain waterforourgardens and restrooms. Alsowe treat the watergiving it back 80% of purity.

Hotel Spa La Colina proudly treatsits visitors with a nice, peaceful and relaxing contact with nature being as Eco-friendly as it could possibly be with the environment, contributing in an effective way to the conservation of our planet.